Upcoming Events
Past Events
03/12/2014 Play By Numbers @ Fade To Yellow Fest during SXSW 2014 Hole In The Wall
02/28/2014 The Khost @ Hole In The Wall w/ Vorcha and Televangelist Hole In The Wall
11/16/2013 Play By Numbers @ Fermata Music Festival Scoot Inn; Austin, TX
10/19/2013 Play By Numbers @ SW Post-Rock Collective Showcase with Seven Circles, COSMS, and Vorcha Hole In The Wall; Austin, TX
09/20/2013 Stumbledrunk @ Infest 8:00PM Infest; Austin, TX
09/03/2013 Stumbledrunk @ Holy Mountain at 9:00 PM Holy Mountain; Austin, TX
08/23/2013 Stumbledrunk @ Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall; Austin, TX
08/10/2013 Arcola, The Khost, Play By Numbers @ Frontier Bar Frontier Bar; Austin, TX
08/03/2013 Play By Numbers @ Club Deville w/ Legendary Skies and Vorcha : A Southwest Post-Rock Collective event Club Deville
07/23/2013 Stumbledrunk @ Frontier Bar - 9:00 PM Frontier Bar; Austin, TX
07/18/2013 Stumbledrunk @ Frontier Bar Frontier Bar; Austin, TX
07/11/2013 Again For The Win @ Infest w/ State Faults (No Sleep Recs, CA) Strike To Survive (CA), Episodes, & Old Problems Infest; Austin, TX
07/06/2013 The Khost @ Frontier Bar w/ free Indio beer Frontier Bar; Austin, TX
07/06/2013 Arcola @ Flipnotics Flipnotics; Austin, TX
07/05/2013 Play By Numbers @ Beerland w/ Cinders, Set and Setting, and Abigail und Hansel Beerland; Austin, TX
07/04/2013 Stumbledrunk @ Hole In The Wall w/ Big Britches, Under the Sun, MK Ultra, and more Hole In The Wall; Austin, TX
06/29/2013 Play By Numbers @ Frontier Bar 'Amazing Graceland Benefit Show' w/ Machete Western, The Gallows, Drifters, Jaimie Paris, and Ashley Sailer Frontier Bar; Austin, TX
06/11/2013 Stumbledrunk @ Frontier Bar w/Animal Train, Minor Decline, Destructive Guerrilla Force Frontier Bar; Austin, TX
05/31/2013 Stumbledrunk @ Club 1808 w/ Madmartigan & Hey Hey Compadre Club 1808 Annex; Austin, TX
04/26/2013 The Knitted Cap Club @ The Coffeehouse & Deli w/Juggernaut is Not a Mutant, Kyle Yapp Normal, IL
04/26/2013 Play By Numbers @ Wake The Dead Wake the Dead; San Marcos, TX
04/03/2013 The Knitted Cap Club @ The Castle Theatre w/The Rocket Summer, Joe Brooks Castle Theatre; Bloomington, IL
03/14/2013 Play By Numbers @ The Vanguard Theater w/ Olafur Arnalds, Ola Podrida, Farrago, Total Unicorn Salvage Vanguard Theater; Austin, TX