We've Been Here Forever: Official Release
August 13, 2012

We will officially release our second full-length album, We've Been Here Forever, this Wednesday, August 15th. You'll be able to purchase it digitally via Deep Elm Records HERE, or on iTunes, Amazon, and other online stores.

Physical copies of the CD will be available at our album release show August 22nd at Red 7. We'll be joined by Royal Forest and Did You See Those Bats?

And you. Right? Yes.




Deep Elm Records Signs AFTW
July 17, 2012

We're very pleased to officially announce that we've signed with Deep Elm Records for all digital distribution. We'll be joining bands like The Appleseed Cast, Moving Mountains, Moonlit Sailor, Goonies Never Say Die, The Cast Before The Break, Dorena, and more. Check 'em out HERE.

That said, We've Been Here Forever will be released online August 15th, 2012 by Deep Elm. Our debut, Bonus Deluxe Version, will also be re-released that same day (it's being temporarily taken down from the internet in the meantime; we apologize for any inconvenience that incurs). Physical formats of both albums will be available via Posters On Walls Records.

If you didn't get a chance to listen to the one-week stream of our new album a couple months ago, you can still get a taste of what's to come - Deep Elm kindly put together a WBHF sampler, which you can find HERE, along with a nice little review by Altsounds.




We've Been Here Forever Exclusive Stream
May 7, 2012

It's finally here!

We're giving you an opportunity to hear our new album before anyone else.

Visit our Bandcamp page any time between May 8th and May 15th and stream We've Been Here Forever in its entirety.





New Song Coming Soon...
October 3, 2011

We recorded “The Legend Of” at SoCoSound with David Butler from Suite 709.

Good times.

Single to come.

Also, we've got a sick show coming up next month with The Tontons, Equals, and Searcher. November 3rd at The Parish. More details available at their website, and on facebook.




Busy Month
August 17, 2011

This past month has been extremely busy, so deal with the fact we haven’t posted in a while… ;)
We’ve been writing
“Church On Sunday”
“The Lines Above Our Heads”
are some new songs that will be on We’ve Been Here Forever when it is released in early 2012.
We’re looking to release a single sometime in the Fall later this year.




Again, For The Win 3.0
April 22, 2011

Andrew Dalton has had to step down from bass duties for Again, For The Win to focus on his newest project, Presidents Of Texas. They're rad.

You know who's also rad? Greg Dubinovsky, our new bass player.

We're playing Emo's on May 17th. We'll be playing a ton of new material that no one has heard & showing Greg off to the world, so mark your calendars. New exciting times.

We've also got a tumblr, where we'll be posting all sorts of stuff. Check it out at againforthewin.tumblr.com. And if you haven't seen our twitter, check that out at twitter.com/againforthewin.

We did some promo photos of the most recent incarnation of AFTW; check 'em out:

Photos taken by Megan Smith.




Bandcamp For The Win
October 3, 2010

We've recently joined bandcamp. If you want, you can stream all nine tracks of Bonus Deluxe Version on our page. Or you could just download it for free. Yeah, seriously. Click on the link above. NO, DO IT.





Welcome, Sir Andrew Dalton

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you our new bassist.

He'll be making his debut appearance at our show at Antone's next month.




Bonus Deluxe Version Out Now!

Bonus Deluxe Version is now available for purchase at your local online music store. Download from:








Paul Anderson, You Shall Be Missed

Our dear sweet bass player, Sir Paul Anderson, is leaving the country on a journey to Korea. Once there, he will feast upon bulgogi and teach English to the natives.

He will be missed, and his contribution to our album was full of win.





Hey guys and gals,

We're extremely sorry that our digital and local release of Bonus Deluxe Version has been delayed a couple weeks. Our local shop has seemingly very much dropped the ball on deadlines/expectations/etc.

We are on track to pick up CDs soon and we hope to have them available in local stores by this weekend. We'll keep you updated with news of the digital release. We appreciate your patience and thanks as always for supporting the A and the F and the T and the W.





"Bonus Deluxe Version" full length CD coming soon!

until we know details in concrete certainty I won't say much more, but you guys are going to be digging on what we've done.

Look for a local release around April 30th and a worldwide digital release sometime in May.





We finished recording BDVpt2!!!

We finished tracking for Bonus Deluxe Version pt.2 around 8pm on Sunday.

We are stoked.

Justin Douglas at Shine Studios is the bomb-diggity, and really helped us through creating something we are extremely proud of.

It's in it's mixing and mastering stages, whenever it's done, we'll let you know by posting one of the three new tracks on the myspace for your listening pleasures.

We did three songs:

"The Vengeance of Rainbows"
"Here or it didn't happen"
"I Saw Jesus"

team AFTW...FTW

Thanks for everyone watching it all unfold! Your support while at the studio was an awesome thing to have!!





What are we about?
we don't really know, but it involves alot of happiness, risktaking, and second chances

Who are we?
Paul plays bass
Carter plays guitar and sings
Wayne plays keys and looks hawt
Travis rapes drums
We are from Austin, Tx.
We really like making music. A whole lot.
So we do what we like doing.

What's the deal with 'Bonus Deluxe Version pt.1'?
We had our first practice May 16th. It was only one day after Carter's last band The Scotland Yard Sale played it's last big show before the band went on a hiatus.

The idea of Bonus Deluxe Version had been toyed with since around March, so once we set up and started playing the rest came very quickly.

The Coolest Dude At The Lake was literally written the first day we ever had practice. It's focused on how we all form relationships with people we know. How sometimes you can feel like you are the coolest dude at the lake, even though no one there seems to get it.

dude,srsly fell into place quickly (like, a month later) and wrote itself.

lookwhatsomejackasswrote (My Whole Life) was completed a few days before we went into the studio, and is a mix of romantic attitudes and difficult times.

What comes next?
We go back into the studio Feb20. We'll be releasing pt.2 of Bonus Deluxe Version and releasing both parts on iTunes and in fine Austin retail stores around SXSW time.

Soon. Promise.

I want to buy your music.
Geez, you and everyone else. ;)
It's coming soon in other formats than just free downloads.
We really want to make a full length later this year. It can only happen with your support.
When we release Bonus Deluxe Version on iTunes and in Austin stores, we'll also make it a point to ship it to people who want an official copy. Just get in touch with us. We are nice fellows.

Who is the pretty female voice at the end of lookwhatsomejackasswrote?
That's the lovely Sarah Germick! Carter will be the best man at her wedding! She's a pretty cool lady.

Anything else?

AFTW plays it's next show Feb18th at Red Eyed Fly
Look for Bonus Deluxe Version pt.2 coming this spring, and keep an eye out for us chronicling the recording process.